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  • Apa kabar ?

    ( baiiik👍 )

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  • Maafku jenuh menunggu.
    Sudah lama ku pendam tertahan dibibirku ….
  • "Jenuh 👎"
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    Does anyone have our NEW custom FLORAL TANK yet? Head to our official merch store to get the tank, and be sure to check out all of the official band merch. Let’s us know what your favorite items are? www.ptvmerch.com

    Uwooo aku maaau ptv 😱😍

  • Aah yaa ampooon 😵

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  • narrypm:

    I honestly do not believe anyone else in the world could have become katniss and peeta as well and josh and jen, they don’t get enough credit- they don’t play the character, they don’t even become the character- they bring the characters we love to life before our eyes.

    Kiss me before fly 😲

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  • Iam sure because life need relationship. *efek cari tmpt magang 🙀
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  • staff:

    Have a nice weekend, Tumblr. 

    Aaaah need for vacation🏊

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    @toddreedjewelry, ready for the weekend 💍 #mclovesjewelry #toddreed #finejewelry


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    Photography tour🚶📷

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    You say your afraid because what if we fall again?! Your afraid because you think we will fall again, but what if we fly? What if we fly past everything and everyone?!